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Creditwrench-thetruth and his true identity

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Subject Topic: New referral technique
E. Normis
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Posted: October 19 2006 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

In an effort to expose even more consumers to the illegal credit repair scam operated by Creditwrench CEO Bille Bauer, I will be using a few techniques designed specifically to introduce them to The Blog.

Here's an one example.

Go ahead, try it

Edited by E. Normis on October 19 2006 at 1:08pm

you need to to properly deny the truth -- Creditwrench CEO Billie Bauer 9/13/06

What is this new method he plans to use?



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I suggest a thorough reading of Johnson v. MBNA. Go to The Blog and you'll find the link under "frequently requested cases".
The truth about Creditwrench

Caught like a rat in a trap!

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Originally Posted by E. Normis Debtor
I suggest a thorough reading of Johnson v. MBNA. Go to The Blog and you'll find the link under "frequently requested cases".

Why not just post the link right here instead of trying to sucker people into visiting your website? I've seen your spam all over the internet and it isn't appreciated.

Here is the link to the Johnson v. MBNA case you would have just posted here if you weren't trying to spam the board.

Don't tell us you aren't a spammer because I've seen your spam all over the USENET newsgroups, on the MSN egroups and on the Yahoo egroups and just about every message board on the internet.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PCMHOLDINGS plots to kill Billie Bauer

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Forum: Off Topic Discussions
Posted By: Derek

[QUOTE=E. Normis aka "Creditwrench-thetruth"]...anyone attempting to put a bullet through your thick skull may need to use armor piercing ammo.[/QUOTE]

Too loud. Might attract attention. Better to use a knife blade into
the lungs from behind (between the ribs)...prevents the person from
screaming. Then a quick zip-strip around the neck and pull tight.

That's the easy part. The challenge is disposing of the body so it's
never found.


Sunday, October 15, 2006 running out of loony ideas.

Creditwrench-thetruth blog authored by a fringe lunatic otherwise known as "Uncle Normie" frustrated in his lifelong dream of discrediting a well known consumer advocate by the fact that he does not know how to blog, does not know how to make movies, does not know how to podcast, does not know what RSS is or how to implement it effectively and about to lose the only hatching jacket he ever had to with which to birth his pediantic diatribes is now reduced to seducing others to provide him with new material for the blog whose name he stole from the real

It seems that his favorite hatching jacket which is about to be shut down because it's owner, Ryan Evans of Pacific Healthcare systems wants to sell the message board because Normie has totally reduced it to a garbage dump. Ryan originally set a totally ridiculous price of $20,000 hoping to find a sucker and dump it off on him or her. However, in less than a week he has reduced the asking price to $15,000. At that rate then, within a month he will be more than happy to just give it away in order to keep Normie from completely and totally putting his Pacific Health Care collection agency out of business.

Over the last few months, Normie's reputation has taken a terrible beating and he is now the laughing stock of hundreds of blogs, wikis and message boards because of his penchant for spamming them with messages begging everybody to visit his stolen name blog. One of his problems is that his Google Page Rank is permanently stuck at ZERO.

That is because he doesn't understand how to use keywords or the requirement that his keywords reflect his content. Of course he has little or none of that and is reduced to posting numerous messages daily contining nothing more than a beg line and a link to his smoggery.

To illuminate the depths of his depravity he has now also publicly stated his intention to embark upon another equally fruitless venture and launch an all out attack on another website operated by Western Capital Management of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is, however, highly doubtful that he has the capacity to do that since he is already punchdrunk and reeling from the incessant rain of blows to his ego he has suffered at the hands of Creditwrench CEO Billie Bauer.

Bleeding, battered and reduced to tears and fits of uncontrollable rage by Mr. Bauer he would be well advised to refrain from any such ventures.

Of course, he never takes advice from anybody so all we can do is wish him luck because if indeed he should be so foolhardy he will most likely be taught a very hard lesson.

In the unlikely event that someone should care to investigate the statements about the crazed lunatic they can follow the peals of laughter of the multitude of bloggers discussing Normie and his antics quite easily by clicking here and following the synopsis of the laughing bloggers

The synopsis is provided by the real and should bring you much laughter and enjoyment.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

Putzmeisters and how to identify them.

Putzmeisters and how to identify them.

Putzmeisters can always be identified by the fact that they make statements or references to material such as court cases or other sources such as websites or blogs that would seem to be absolutely correct and therefore should be held in high esteem.

But those resources which are touted so highly are of no value unless the reader already understands how to use them and is already thoroughly familiar with the topic and who only need a bit of such information to complete their current project.

The average surfer may be greatly impressed by what they read but when the rubber meets the road and they have to actually use the information it is never there nor are the Putzmeisters willing to give them the help and instruction they would need to actually put the information to good use.

The information is only there to further some other agenda.

A website or blog that seems to have great resources such as court cases for instance will make the reader think that the person who posted them is a great and knowledgeable person when the real truth of the matter may very well be that the poster of that information doesn't have the foggiest idea of how to use it either.

He just hopes that those case cites will cause you to believe him in whatever other agenda he may have. That other agenda may very well be simply to discredit some other person or company. Putzmeisters have a penchant for thinking that by ripping someone else they can enhance their own public image.

One can almost surely know a Putzmiester for what he is by the simple fact that he will not put his real name or contact information on his website or blog nor in any messages he might post on internet forums or message boards. No reputable company would operate that way. No reputable company would spend time and money to promote their service or product and then hide their contact information from public view.

Beware of the putzmeisters where ever you might find them. They are a road to disaster in whatever they attempt to do.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

The PUTZMEISTER screws it up again!

Judas Goat


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Posted: July 02 2006 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

[QUOTE=Lawdog]You plagiarized that essay from[/QUOTE]

You expected something original from credit putz? The only thing he ever posts that is original are Bil-LIES

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Putzmeister

E. Normis



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Posted: July 01 2006 at 1:38pm | IP Logged

It's official. Just like Bil-LIE Bauer, you can now google the phrase credit putz. Go ahead Bil-LIE, try it

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